After-sales Service Protocol

    After-sales Service Protocol



In order to promote development efforts of first party's market, improve product sales enthusiasm for second party, and solve the troubles back at home of party's products, reflect the parties "mutual benefit and common development" principle, form the marketing strategic partnership. Through mutual negotiation between both parties to come to reach the following agreement:


On Approval Conditions


1.Returned goods:
Products within 7 days from the date of purchase, we are prepared to return it for free if a failure under normal use and products were identified for quality problem of the product itself and the attachment is complete, the packaging is in good condition and the appearance is no scratches.
2.Replacing goods:
Products within 3 months from the date of purchase, we are prepared to return the same product for free after the examination is indeed the problem of the product itself. Visible damage product only provides warranty service and the replacement provision expires. Special machine products except for gifts over the period of the transportation freights shall be borne by both parties.


Product Warranty


1.Product mainframe within 12 months from the date of purchase to be free warranty, and wire rod is beyond the scope of the warranty (exports by 1% spare wire).
2.Warranty for repairing products and accessories is to be free (with the exception of article (5)), and the replacement for all maintenance spare parts/circuit board are made by our company.
3.Again for the same fault maintenance, the machine can be extended the time of 2 months warranty.
4.Warranty customer products or parts will be sent to repair, the expenses shall be borne by both parties in the process of detection, the company on time return after repair maintenance machine to the customer (return within 5 working days, the cycle does not include the product transportation or repairing time).

5.In the following case, we are not prepared to offer free warranty service:
5.1.Product host or parts had been improper used or misused, the damage caused by the improper installation without our authorization..
5.2.Warranty labels or the cracks of the easy shredding machine hosts.
5.3Product host and not quite match equipment connected to the machine to lead to damage;
5.4The power interface reversed, high voltage, artificial damage and installed in not accordance with the instruction manual leading to the damage of products.
5.5Structure does not belong to the warranty scope, such as fracture.
5.6Damage caused by external force majeure.
6.Failure occurs during the warranty period, such as products, components quality or improper manufacture, our company provide p free maintenance; After the warranty expires, users can still enjoy the company provide after-sales maintenance services, but users have to pay the corresponding maintenance.