How to activate Three Reversing Modes

How to activate Three Reversing Modes


Applicable ModelF.F.1 and F.F.2


First of all, let's look at where to choose:

DIP6 dip switch ONPress the reset button,Enter the interface

Press the setupRearvideo

A.Guideline (Reverse video and direction guides overlap)

B.Video (Only reverse video

C.OFF (Do not display reverse video via interface)

Then the question is, how to choose for the installer?

The following describes the difference between the three modes and installation methods.

A,Guideline (factory setting)

Conditions of Use

1,Body stabilization system(ESP)

2,Automatic car


Wiring method:

1,Reverse video input connected to camera RCA connector

2,Reversing 12V output connected to camera power

B, Video

Conditions of Use

1,No body stabilization system

2,Manual car

3,Dont prefer Guideline

4,Need to install other equipment through reverse channel

Example: 360 panorama camera system / tire pressure monitoring


Wiring method:

1,Reverse video input connected to camera RCA

2,The reversing monitoring line and the camera power line are commonly connected to the reversing lamp power supply

When the reversing lamp voltage is not stable (eg Audi/Citroen),

Need to add a normally open relay, the specific method is as follows:


Conditions of Use

1,Already have reversing video

2,No need to install reverse video

Wiring method:

Reversing monitoring line is connected to the reversing light power supply

(Don't connect if you don't install reverse video)