The solutions for mostly seen problems in Android

2018-04-20  | 9378

The solutions for mostly seen problems

1.Could not start the device

Happening: The system start image and Android icon displayed on screen but couldn’t enter into the system in long time.

Solution: this phenomenon only appears after OS update, after about 10 minutes waiting the system would enter the home interface automaticlly


2. Touch screen no functional

Happening: no response when touching or no accurate response react.

Solution: our device would automatic store the touch setting last time in memory, if you accidently press the touch calibrate icon, you have to recalibrate the touch system before direct going back to home screen, or the touch function will goes failure.


3. System automatic restart or screen goes dark after minutes working

Happening: after system initialize, system could not display the home screen or just goes dark screen

Solution: this thing happen because car haven’t start the engine or electric power supply so system goes into sleep, power cable didn’t connect tightly. Check these problems to solve the problem, our system could sleep automatically and could be awake anytime to make sure it could work in very cold environment.


4. Automatic jump to other interface

This mostly happen when car accerate in very low speed. The default setting is all four cameras image could be displayed on screen on screen depends on different occasion, you could turn it off inside the system if you don’t like such function.

5 . Unable to connect to the network

Happening: WIFI or 3G/4G SIM card device connection

Solution: Check whether the WIFI is connected to other devices, such as DVR, then change it will be OK ; After connected to the SIM card, the signal of cell phone will work normally .If the product network data is not work normally, check the current environment whether is remote . The ability of SIM card to receive signal is not as good as cell phone. so close the data, connect the cellphone hotpot .


6 . Heating
Happening: Android interface appearance in high temperature

Analysis: First of all, Android system is an open system. Andrews itself runs many programs, CPU working frequency is high, so it’s heating , in particular when playing HD 1080P video, online video, CPU runs in high frequency . With playing time increasing , the temperature is getting higher and higher .This is a normal phenomenon . Please don’t worry, the products have been tested strictly under high and low temperature.
Solution: whether to put the product into the metal part of the car or installed in a larger space, can reduce the problem and ensure stability.


7. GPS not positioning

Happening: satellite signal is weak or not positioned


(1).Check the GPS antenna is connected fastness  or not.

(2). Check whether the GPS antenna receiver is stick on to the metal surface. Whether the car is posted titanium protective film.

(3) .Check whether Android location information is turned off . Change the position of  antenna position or open the positioning function will be solved this .

8. No sound on mobile phone mirror link

Happening: Andrews mobile phone miracast is normal, but unable to transmit sound.  Apple mobile phone is blocked .

Solution: The development of mobile phone is very fast, the version is constantly updated, and then system also needs to be updated accordingly.
Andrews phone connected to the Bluetooth in interface will solve the issue of casting sound.

9. Mouse or Knob

Happening: the original car screen can not operate

Solution: Knob version:Host power needs to be disconnected due to installation time, cause the agreement lapsed, turn off the car and wait for 2 minutes, then it can be solved. Mouse version: This device is the original car accessories access, usually through the AUX interface automatically enter, not recommended to use force switch to enter, If you encounter the AUX screen can not use the mouse function, Press the RADIO or the steering wheel MODE button to solve.


10. Power Indicator

Happening: Power indicator illuminate normally, interface could be switch normally but couldn’t see that on display.

Solution: This mostly because the system screen parameters did not fit with car screen, the default setting is suitable for all screen. For the 12.3 inches model please do not change the screen parameters setting freely, if something unexpected happen please going back to local interface dealer, update OS to solve the problem.